Wouldn’t this fellow melt your heart? He is as happy as Larry bedded down in his new home in Tadhg Horan’s window in The Square.  Great ad. for Tadhg’s veterinary care!


For about 2 or 3 years, long before the Listowel Crusaders
hit the scene, a group of Listowel women used to travel to Dublin to run the
women’s mini marathon for charity. This photograph is from 2001 when the
charity they chose was The Irish Kidney Association.

Included in the photo are Kay Hanley, Julie Gleeson, Joan
Kenny, Bridie O’Rourke, Mary O’Connor, Mary O’Hanlon, Margaret Murphy, Betty
Beasley, HelenMoylan, Eleanor Enright, Nora Mary O’Hanlon, Mary Comerford, Róisín Kenny and
Helen Kenny.


From The National Youth Council of Ireland website;


NYCI is looking for young Irish people between the ages of 18 to 25 who have left Ireland in the last two years, to participate in a piece of qualitative research on youth emigration.

The research is intended to provide a greater insight into how emigration is affecting young Irish people. The study seeks to ascertain the following research questions:

  1. Where are Irish young people emigrating to and why?
  2. Has their experience been a positive one?
  3. How are they settling into life in their host country?
  4. What are the challenges they have encountered on this journey?
  5. What supports would have made their move easier?
  6. Do they envisage returning home in the next 5 years if things improved?

The research will examine the push and pull factors influencing Ireland’s young to emigrate and explore what the policy implications will be as a result of the emigration of young people from our shores.

This information will greatly assist us to provide better policy and practical advice to young people facing the prospect of emigration. It will also help shape our policy and advocacy work on this very important issue.

If you are between 18 – 25 years of age, have left Ireland in last 2 years to work, study or travel abroad and would be interested in participating in a study on youth emigration please contact:

Marie‐Claire McAleer

Senior Research & Policy Officer

National Youth Council of Ireland

Email: research@nyci.ie

Tel: +353.1.478 4122


Lunchtime today at Facebook’s Dublin head office

I took these pictures from Broadsheet.ie These women are protesting at Facebook’s new policy of banning photographs of breastfeeding.

( This was meant to be tomorrow’s post but I haven’t got the hang of this scheduling yet so there will no post tomorrow.)