Courthouse Road, September 2023


A Big O’Sullivan Reunion

Liz O’Sullivan sent us the story.

The O’Sullivans from 5 Patrick Street gathered together from all over the world for a weekend of fun and festivities the final weekend of the Listowel races 2023.

‘The Fruit of 5 Patrick Street’, (as the WhatsApp group was named) came together from Dublin, Cork, Galway, Fermoy, Thurles, Minnesota and Rochester USA and Perth and Brisbane Australia. 

The gathering was all descended from Nora and Michael O’Sullivan who had 7 children; Seamus, Maura, Pat, Denis, Breid, Michael and Joe. Michael and Joe left Ireland and settled in the US and Australia respectively. Breid, who became a nun, lived in the US for a number of years. Altogether 45 people came to the gathering.

The reunion was magnificently organised by the Listowel branch of the family, Joe, John and Michael (Curly) and was enormous fun. The gala dinner took place at The Listowel Arms, a venue that has been the site of many get togethers for the family over the years. The food and ambience were terrific and the Arms did Listowel proud. A special thanks to the chef.

The group attended Ladies Day at The Listowel races on Friday. The American branch of the family were resplendent in fabulous hats and should have won a prize! Some good winnings were had and a fun day was had by all. After the event the gathering migrated to the Arms (of course) and ended up in the Square watching wonderful entertainment by the Wren boys.

Kerry is aptly named the Kingdom and we can’t wait to come back!


A Taste of Yesteryear

I had family to stay for race week and they did a bit of a clearout for me.

Do you remember when chocolate boxes were only for Christmas? They were so elegant they were never thrown out but kept to store treasure (aka junk) to be thrown out later. In the case of this Black Magic box, years and years later.

Many of the sweets are still the same but in this box they were loosely packed in individual little black cases, like tiny bun cases. Chocolate used to be a treat back in the day.


Moyvane Garda Station

Photo and story from Radio Kerry

Moyvane Garda Station has lain idle for over 10 years now. Efforts by local people to buy the building from the OPW have failed.

Now this is reported on Radio Kerry;

“The OPW would only sell the building to Kerry County Council which acquired the building; it’ll now lease it to Fáilte Isteach Gach Duine Moyvane.

Under the terms agreed at a recent council meeting, the lease is for 99 years with an annual rent of €1 to be paid to the council, if demanded.”


A Book Launch and Exhibition for your Diary



Every ad for Apple iPhone displays the time as 9.41 am. This is the moment Steve Jobs first unveiled the iPhone in 2007.

(This fact might be old so you’ll have to Google to see if it is still true in the post Jobs era.)