Upper Church Street

Church Street Mural

This is Upper Church Street these days. The Olive Stack mural of John B. Keane and Bryan MacMahon, the street’s most famous literary figures, has been removed for repairs and refurbishment.

Daisy Boo Barista

Another change about to take place on Church Street. This popular coffee shop is closing.

A Riddle

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Stain Glass Windows

Photos: John Pierse R.I.P.

These lovely windows were removed from the convent chapel after it was closed forever. I think the account of where they went is held in the Presentation sisters archive in The Nano Nagle Centre in Cork.

From the Archives

Kerry Sentinel, Saturday, 15 April, 1893;


The above football match was played on Sunday last in a field close to the Lartigue Railway Station. It will be remembered that the teams played on a former occasion, and after the expiration of an hour and a half the match was declared a draw. Consequently a great deal of public interest was centred on Sunday’s proceedings. Upwards of 300 persons congregated to witness the play, which was of a very lively character as both teams were well matched. At the call of time, the play stood—Guhard

l goal and 2 points) Ballyconroy—2 goals and 2 points Mr. J. Langford acted as timekeeper, and Mr. P. Kennelly as referee. Particular mention should be made of Michael O’Brien, who by his activity, constantly averted the danger which threatened his goal posts.

A Fact

Applesauce was the first food eaten in space by an American astronaut.


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