The Big Bridge from Childers’ Park

You Win Some….

This old tree has been cut right back.

A new tree has been planted by the Holocaust memorial.

It promises to be gorgeous.

It is directly in line with the John B. Keane sculpture.

Watching the Tennis

I was in Rushbrooke for much of Easter 2024

Rushbrooke is a really old club in Cobh, Co. Cork. They play tennis and croquet. The club is very friendly and welcoming.

We were the Lakewood support on Easter Monday. Aimee took the selfie.

Rushbrooke’s nine tennis courts were in pristine condition for their big week

Titbits from the Newspaper Archives

April 19 1930

New York NY Irish American Advocate

The returns of the Registrar-General for the year 1929, show that Kerry had the lowest death-rate in the Irish Free State during that period


The old Carnegie Library on the Bridge Road, Listowel. one of the few remaining traces of the stormy period of 1920-1921, has been purchased by R. Moloney, who Intends converting it into a concert and picture hall.


A few good-steed salmon were amongst those landed within the past few days, between Kilmorna and Abbeyfeale. John Creaghe Harnett got three, 10 to 15 lbs.; J. Kelly, Kilmorna, landed a 28.5 lb. salmon; J. Hickey, one 19 lbs.; W. R. Collins, two, 10 and 12 lbs.; M. Galvin, Duagh, one, 10 lbs.; J. Relihan. one, 11 lbs.; D. Downey, two, 9 and 10 lbs.; J. Clancy, one, 11 lbs.; W C. Harnett, one 9 lbs.

A Poem

A Fact

Morse Code was devised as a communication system by Samuel Morse, Joseph Henry and Alfred Vall in 1837. Its huge advantage lies in the fact that the dots and dashes that make up its alphabet can be relayed in many different ways, visually, audibly and via touch to accurately relay messages across distance.