Horsechestnut tree in the grounds of former Presentation Convent


In Listowel Hospital Grounds

The same statue with Senan House and Fuchsia Centre in the background


Brave and Generous Listowel born Priest

Irish Independent Tuesday, 17 April, 1934;


There is much regret in Catholic centres in Manchester at the departure of Rev. Vincent Marshall, who has been pastor of St. Malachy’s, Collyhurst, for 14 years, during which he had to make a strenuous struggle on behalf of his congregation. Father Marshall, for health reasons, has been transferred to a parish near Preston. Father Marshall is a native of Listowel, and first cousin to the Ven. Archdeacon Marshall, P.P.. V.G.. of Kenmare and Mr. H.J. Marshall, Solr. Listowel. He was sent to Collyhurst from Wales in 1927 to open a Mission.


Despite opposition, he secured a room, where his little congregation heard Mass. On one occasion an effort was made to prevent Mass being celebrated there, and on three occasions the place was fired by incendiaries.

After a long period of suffering. Father Marshall saw his life’s ambition realised in the building of the present fine school, Church and presbytery, at a cost of £IO.OOO. Latterly he has been prominent in connection with the slum clearance in Manchester, and, successfully fought, the rights of the now very large number of Collyhurst Catholics to be re-housed in flats in the same district. Last year the parish presented Father Marshall with £500 on the occasion of his silver jubilee, and he devoted it to church purposes.


My Trip to Kinsale

During my recent sojourn in Ballincollig I spent a lovely day with family in Kinsale. Kinsale is very picturesque but plagued with traffic in its narrow streets. The town is badly planned and laid out. You never know what surprise is around the next corner.

This is the picture postcard view with Bobby and Cecile as the tourists in the fairly wet street.

Colourful paintwork and old fashioned lamp standard add to the picture.

What a striking shopfront!

A craft shop…and wait for it…

The Listowel connection.! Woodford Pottery’s very popular used tea bag receptacles. Perfect tourist product for this colourful artistic town.


The Way we Were

A guide to Listowel town in the twentieth century


A Fact

Cats, when they walk or run, step with both left legs and then both right legs. The only other animals who walk this way are camels and giraffes.