Rounding up the Flock

Teddy Sugrue of Mallow Camera Club took this photo for their monthly competition themed People at Work


The Chastitute in St. John’s

Photos Mary Moylan and Frances Kennedy on Facebook

There is a bit of  a John B. Keane revival nationally and locally. Recently I attended the local St. John’s Group’s staging of The Chastitute which looks at a problem which is still with us. This problem is rural loneliness and isolation. John B. brings a touch of humour to the issue. The very competent local actors set us thinking as well as sniggering.

Rural isolation was then and still is no laughing matter.


April 6 2017 in Market Street


Walking with Nana

I Like to Walk with Nana 

I like to walk with Nana, 

Her steps are small  like mine. 

She never says “let’s hurry-up! “

She always takes her time.

I like to walk with Nana, 

Her eyes see things like mine. 

Shiny stones, a fluffy cloud, 

Stars at night that shine. 

People rush their whole day through, 

They rarely stop to see. 

I’m glad that God made Nanas

unrushed and young like me!

I met Noreen O’Connell bringing her grandchildren to see the horses.