Ballybunion’s Cliff Walk at Sunset

Photo: Bridget O’Connor


This is Dalkey, Co. Dublin, but it could be any town in Ireland one time.


I Miss the Buzz of Festivals and Big Days in Town

I loved when festivals brought the thrill of unexpectedly meeting an old acquaintance. 

R.I.P. Jessica.

Once, Jim Dunn, the celebrated Athea muralist, brought his magic to the town square.

Jumbo’s Damien brought the Coca Cola truck and gave us all a memorable Christmas.

When The Rás came through town, didn’t I discover that I knew one of the cyclist’s grandmothers.

Once, Mark Loughnane encouraged me to be part of the entertainment on a St. Patrick’s Day

I miss the thrill of Writers’ Week opening nights and the delight of discovering that I know one of the winners.

I loved meeting people like Stefanie Preissner in real life at Listowel Young Adult Book Fest

And then there was pig racing in Market Street. Memories, memories!

Maybe next year!


Meanwhile in Listowel, Ontario, They’re having fun

Gillian McElligott and Noreen Holyoake alerted me to this one. Maybe Listowel, Co. Kerry could get into the act . It would cheer us all up.

The full story is here on the BBC website;  Listowel Sign War

Basically all the businesses in the town have entered into a faux war of words via jokey advertising signs.