Ballybunion as you’ve rarely seen it

Photo credit; Salva Tore


Is this the best kept corner of Listowel?

 This is Ballygologue Cross, always in pristine condition.

Across the road is the entrance to Hawthorn Drive, another pristine estate.


Started Early, Took my dog

Molly posed by a local landmark just to prove to her family that she is seeing all the sights while she is on her Kerry holidays.

We took our early morning walk by The Feale, which is the driest I have ever seen it.


An Old Abbey programme

Mary McKenna of Newbridge brought me an old Abbey programme when she came for the John B. Keane Festival.

Health and Safety in 1963 was the spraying of Jeyes’  Floral Spray

“Ireland’s gift to a thirsty world”

Ah, The Queen’s!

So many of the Abbey greats!