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Bog in Ballylongford, an old Christmas card and Listowel Printing Works is Relocating

In the bog; photo by Breda Ferris


Lord Listowel 1963

photo found on Glin Historical Society

This is the 5th earl, William Hare. The current earl is Francis, his son from his third marriage.


A Listowel Christmas Card

Listowel; men, Michael O’Connor and Bryan MacMahon collaborated in the making of six Christmas cards. The cards were produced by Oriel Press.


A Poem as Halloween approaches


Fuel of the Future?

Enjoy this old ad.

This month we read that Ireland is now importing horticultural peat from Latvia.

Read all about it here;

4000t of Horticultural Peat arrives in Drogheda


Listowel Printing Works is gone from Church Street



Ballybunion, Pres. Basketball and 1970 Fleadh Committee


Ballylongford, A Pebble, a poem and a Very Clever Sculpture


  1. catherine moylan

    I love the O’Connor & McMahon Christmas card. Wouldn’t it be great to re-print them for 2021 christmas. A chance to celebrate our literary heritage too!

    • listowelconnection

      Unfortunately the original artwork is lost but maybe they could be reproduced from a copy.

  2. N.L.

    Bringing peat turf to Ireland! Ireland’s version of ‘Bringing coals to Newcastle!’ Imagine telling that to the folks of our youth. My wise old Granny used to tell us in the 60s that the day would come when we would have to pay for a drink of water; nonsense, thought we, with all the lovely spring-wells around the place. She also said that people would go around with no clothes on. More nonsense thought we, sure the P.P. would be lepping mad! But even the P.P. couldn’t control decadent fashion – even in his church. My aunt, home for a break from ‘pagan’ England, was the first ‘hussey’ to wear jeans in the local church, a minor scandal at the time. Nowadays, the same church has practically none of the ‘jeans wearing age.’ The Priest is now a lovely mild-mannered gentleman from what used to be ‘Darkest Africa.’ He is in fact a Missionary to Old Ireland, in reverse of the old-time natural order of things – long overdue. My old mother is delighted with him when he visits on home-calls. Kindly and gentle; she loves the way he finishes up by singing a beautiful hymn. Even my wise old Granny could not have imagined these changes. One wonders what the future holds- nothing is guaranteed. Will the old folks, me included, be added to the culling of human beings already commenced? Rest easy, Granny, you are safely at rest.

    • listowelconnection

      All so true. You are lucky to have a missionary priest. So many parishes don’t.

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