Friday Morning walkers trecking through the Garden of Europe during Writers’ Week 2024

Window Displays

During Writers’ Week 2024, shopkeepers displayed books in their windows. Some people concentrated on books with a local connection.

I was chuffed to see my A Minute of Your Time among the pictures of calves on Horan’s window.


According to this week’s Ireland’s Own the Maloneys were a bright and holy bunch.

Canon Adderley

Jer. discovered this piece of Church of Ireland history for us.

Edward Adderley and his wife Mary Hale were ancestors of the Adderley family of Innishannon, Co Cork. Francis Adderley of Innishannon, Co Cork, and his wife Elizabeth (Fowkes) were the parents of Thomas Adderley (1713-1791), a politician, landowner, amateur architect, developer of the linen industry and MP.

Thomas Adderley was still a child when he inherited his father’s estate, and was educated at Trinity College Dublin. He built the town of Innishannon, Co Cork, brought 60 Huguenot families to Innishannon in 1747 to establish a linen manufactory, and built a charter school there in 1752.

Robert moved to Limerick in 1905 and was Curate of Saint Mary’s Cathedral (1905-1908) and Vicar Choral (1905-1918). During that time, he was the Precentor of Limerick for ten years (1908-1918). During World War I, he was also a chaplain to the forces in 1915-1919.

After the war, Canon Adderley spent almost 30 years as Rector of Listowel (1918-1946), which was amalgamated with Ballybunion in 1922, and Brosna and Abbeyfeale in 1928, all now part of the Rathkeale and Kilnaughtin Group of Parishes.

In the cathedral chapter, he was Prebendary of Croagh (1918-1924), Prebendary of Kilpeacon (1924-1940), Treasurer of Limerick (1940-1941), and then Dean of Ardfert (1941-1946). But the position of Dean of Ardfert was a sinecure or nominal appointment: the parish of Ardfert was amalgamated with Tralee in 1921, and the Church of Ireland parish church closed in 1945.

He died in hospital in Tralee, Co Kerry, on 12 October 1946.

Graveyard Masses 2024

Another Nursery Rhyme Fact

Goosey, Goosey, Gander is a nursery rhyme originating in the time of Cromwell. Cromwell’s soldiers persecuted Catholics. They sought them out everywhere, even in “the lady’s chamber”. When caught, the unfortunate Catholic was sometimes executed by tying a rope to his leg and flinging him down a flight of stairs.