What a shot!    photo by Thomas Healy


Today’s Blast from the Part

photo;Irish Abroad

Do you know the relationship?

You used the pencil to rewind the tape when it got pulled out or snaggled in the cassette tape player. These were great recorders. You could mix your own music and record messages for friends. There was a little stopper that you could pull out and your recording would last forever…or until technology overtook it and there was no longer any machine to play it on.


That was Then: This is Now

Both these photographs were taken by Ita Hannon of Beal. The first shows Michael Hannon fishing in Beal, using a naomhóg and a small net. He was carrying on a fishing tradition that has been in his family for generations.

The second photo was taken by Ita recently. It shows two trawlers with big nets fishing the same waters.

The irony is that the small fisherman was stopped from fishing here some years back, allegedly out of fears for the depletion of fish stock.


Panto Time

The lines are learned, the costume making is complete, now it’s time to book your tickets. They are on sale now from the charities listed in the poster below.


It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas