Common Buzzard by Alan Hillen for Irish Widlife Photography competition


Historic Castleisland

Castleisland is steeped in history. Many historic events and local heroes are commemorated in wall plaques all over town 


In St. Mary’s Listowel

Beautiful mosaic angels in St. Mary’s. You should call in to the church if you are in town and take a look at the fabulous mosaics, the work of a firm of mosaic artists called Oppenheimer.

These pieces of plasterwork have been recently restored after they had been removed after the second Vatican Council when statues got a bad rap.


Vintage saucers as ashtrays

There is a lovely café in Castleisland called The Country Market and they let me sit for ages and use their wifi while I was enjoying their home baking.



I found this on Facebook. Woolworths was an institution, a kind od Discountworld, Mr. Price and TK Maxx all rolled into one. In my childhood Santa used to do lots of shopping in this shop. It sold everything from a needle to an anchor. I bet it brings back many happy memories for blog followers today.