Photo; Éamon ÓMurchú



Upper William Street in July 2020


In Childers’ Park in Early July 2020

John and Dolly Stack were taking their two lovely Jack Russells for a walk when I stopped them for a chat and a photo.

Council staff were doing some pruning and tidying up.


The Pitch and Putt course was busy.


Summers’ Past!

When Brian Cowen, then taoiseach, came to town all and sundry came out to greet him. 

Tom Fitzgerald sent me a few photos

Group of the Fianna Fáil faithful

John Hannon, Dan Kiely and Ned O’Sullivan


Everywhere looks better with Flowers

Sheahan’s XL, Upper William Street


Here a reminder,

Theres a reminder

Everywhere a reminder.

If reminders of the pandemic would make it go away we’d be out the gap.

A whole new set of notices have arrived now  to add to the signs on the pavements, the bollards marking off street widening areas and giant 2Metre signs.

I think Listowel has got the message. Covid 19 hasn’t gone away.