Foxgloves at Slea Head 

Mallow Camera Club;  John Hooton.


The March Hare

Have you heard the expression, mad as a March hare? Of course the hares aren’t mad at all just a bit frisky this time of year.

For my last birthday I got a present of this lovely book.

It has a little bit about Nature for everyday of the year. Here’s what it says about the March hare.


Shopping in a Pandemic

I have very few outings nowadays and when I do get out it’s only on essential business. Last week my outing was to the pharmacy for my medication. There I was, socially distanced, waiting to be served, when what did I spy but bargain basement Christmas cards. 

I am living proof that a bargain is something you don’t need at a price you can’t resist. 

Christmas cards in March! Only a dedicated bargain hunter, starved of all my usual charity shop fixes would fall for that one.

Problem now is, will I remember where I put them next Christmas?


Getting Ready for Reopening

The newest barber’s shop on Church Street has their new sign up in time for reopening.