Donkeys photographed by Ita Hannon


Old Auction Poster

A little bird tells me that a local historian is compiling a book of old posters, like this one I found on Facebook. Posters, in their own way, add a valuable element to the history of Listowel. 


Your Help Needed

I posted these photos before without success. The first was taken at the door of St. Michael’s College. The last one looks like a pilgrimage. Any help with identifying these people would be appreciated.


Pop up Craft Shop

When it’s gone, it’s gone. This lovely addition to our town’s retail offering is only staying until after the June weekend so if you want an artistic craft item, pay a visit while it’s here.


Friends and Neighbours Meeting

Tony, Alice, Anna and Ella were having a chat when I met up with them in Main Street in May 2018


Iconic Vehicles in Town


Julia’s Balloon Animals

Meeting Julia is always an uplifting experience. She is someone who is incurably cheerful and positive. Here she is making her balloon animals at the History Festival 2018.


A Listowel Pipesmith

Photo; John Hannon

This is Jackie Moore photographed in his workshop in Charles Street Listowel


R.I.P. Denis Keane

I took this photo of Denis Keane with his friend, Mary O’Flaherty in 2015 when he was in town for Writers’ Week. May his gentle soul rest in peace.


Rás Tailteann leaves town May 23 2018