This was taken in 1914. It is the Tralee Battalion of The Kerry Brigade of The Irish Volunteers. The photograph is here;

There is lots of interesting stuff for the historian on the site. Jer. Kennelly found the following testimony:


Convent Terrace, Abbeyfeale, Co. Limerick.

“I was born in the parish of Abbeyfeale on the 31st

October, 1900, and was one of a family of three boys and

three girls. My parents, who were farmers, sent me to

the local national school until I was fourteen years of

age, after which I attended a private school run by a man

named Mr. Danaher. While attending the private school,

I became an apprentice to a chemist in the town of

Abbeyfeale whose name was Richard B. Woulfe. After

completing my apprenticeship, I was retained in his

employment for some years until I was forced to go on the

run during the Black and Tan terror.

Mr. Woulfe’s wife was Miss Cathie Colbert, sister

of Con Colbert (executed after Easter Week 1916) and

James Colbert, and cousin of Michael Colbert who later

became Brigade Vice 0/C, West Limerick Brigade. The

Woulfe’s were great supporters of the Irish independence

movement and their shop and house, from the earliest days

of the movement, became a meeting place for men like Con

Colbert, Captain Ned Daly and others who later figured

prominently in the fight for freedom.

A Company of the Irish Volunteers was formed in

Abbeyfeale in May, 1914. I did not become a member at

the time. The strength of the Company was about three

hundred. A Dr. Hartnett was the chief. organiser, and

an ex British soldier, named James Wall, was one of the

drill instructors. They did not hold together for long

and ceased to exist early in the year 1915, after John

Redmond‘s speech in the House of Commons in which he

offered the semi-trained Volunteers of Ireland to fight

for the freedom of small nationalities.

Some time later in the year 1915, Ernest Blythe

visited Abbeyfeale and reorganised the Company. I was

one of nine members who joined the Company at its inception.

I was only fifteen years of age at the time. A man named

Thomas Fitzgerald of the Railway Bar, Abbeyfeale, was our

first Company Captain.

A short time previous to Easter Week, 1916, Captain

Ned Daly and Con Colbert visited Woulfe’s where I was

employed. They were in uniform.

On Thursday of the Holy Week previous to Easter Week, 

the late Batt O’Connor, who later became T.D. for a Dublin constituency, 

visited Woulfe’s on his way from Dublin to Tralee with dispatches.”


Can anyone help this lady with her Hennessey relatives?

Name: Helen Hennessy


Email Address:


Message: Hi,Great web site!

Has anyone got any info on this family? Patrick Hennessy was a publican at 49 Church Street Listowel 1901 census.


Peter Christopher Hennessy  born  Listowel    23/12/1901

Brother Thomas Patrick Hennessy born Listowel     05/09/1898 died an infant

Mother Mary O Connor Born circa 1867(34 years 1901 census) 2nd wife of Patrick Hennessy married  21/11/1897


Father     Patrick Hennessy Born circa 1852   (44yrs 1901 census} Married Mary Walsh 05/08/1880 - 7 Children:


Half siblings Margaret Hennessy  15/07/1882

              Michael  Hennessy    04/11/ 1885

                Edmund Hennessy    13/11/1887

               Johanna Hennessy    28/07/1889   (recorded as - Hannie 1901 & Hannah 1911 census) 

              Honora   Hennessy    03/08/1890

              Mary     Hennessy     08/05/1892

              Patrick  Hennessy     02/09/1894


Grandparents   Michael and Margaret Hennessy (nee ?)

               Thomas and Mary  O Connor   (nee?)


Aunts and Uncles   James O Connor  and 4 more  not yet named O Connors

Unknown Hennessy Aunts and Uncles
Further clearing work has been done at the old mart site.

This is the new Behan’s restaurant which is an amalgamation of The Horseshoe and The Keg.

Some of the old sheds at the back of the mart site have been flattened.

You can now see the racecourse in the background.

Rubble awaiting clearance.


There is a lovely nostalgic ad. for Johnston, Mooney and O’Brien here;

Maybe the best ad. since sliced bread!


Good luck to all our paraolympians!

This is the Irish block in the paraolympic village.



Remember the lovely Luzveminda from yesterday. Her Kerry connection was a granduncle called Bill Myers not Jack as I said. He won 4 All Ireland medals.