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Commemorative Benches, Woody Estates, Rats and The River Walk

A practically deserted Church Street, early morning on a July Sunday in 2019


There was an old woman who lived in the woods….

Have you noticed that so many Listowel housing estates take their names from trees or woods? It might look to an outsider that Listowel is one big forest.

Below are just a small few examples.


Commemorative Seats by the River Feale

Three new seats have recently been installed by the river. I would really appreciate if someone would tell me a bit about the men who are commemorated on the benches. Wouldn’t it be a lovely little project and a service to us all in town if someone would put together a little booklet with the locations of the seats and a little bit about the people they commemorate.


Monday Washday in Kerry

Bridie O’sullivan posted this photo of her washing line last Monday, July 15 2019


Today’s Fun Fact

You are never more than six feet away from a rat!

Wrong, wrong and utterly wrong, by a factor of about ten.

Rentokil, and they should know, estimates that most city dwellers are about 70 feet from the nearest long tailed one.

Here are a few rat facts;

  • In the UK rats outnumber people by about 10%.
  • Rats carry about 70 infectious diseases.
  • They eat a fifth of the world’s food supply each year.
  •  Rats’ teeth never stop growing.
  • A quarter of all electric cable breaks are down to rats gnawing through the cable.
  • ” Ratty”in Wind in the Willows is not a rat. He is a water vole.


A River Walk

I took Molly for a walk along by Gurtinard Wood and on to the River Walk on one of last week’s lovely summer mornings.

The level of the water was very low.


Poignant Sight Yesterday on the John B. Keane Rd.

The flag at the Lartigue was flying at half mast as a mark of respect to Jack McKenna who passed away on July 20 2019.

Jack volunteered at the visitor attraction until he was in his nineties and he was a huge supported of the project from day one.

I took this photo of Jack and his late wife, Sue with Jimmy Deenihan and the German ambassador at the official opening of the project in 2013.


It Doesn’t Get any More Irish

Saturday night mass next weekend moved to the earlier time of 5pm to give mass goers a chance to watch Limerick beat Kilkenny in the All Ireland Semi – Final ( please god)  From Athea Tidy Towns.


Horsefair, Peggy Sweeney, Some Shark Facts and three local people snapped on Bridge Road


St Johns, Dreaming Animals, St. Vincent de Paul shop and Anna Guerin in Brown Thomas

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  1. Maria Sham

    Good Morning Mary ,you have made Listowel famous throughout the world with your blog,here i am back in UK,my second home, and once more looking through it,and finding so much i missed ,the window displays are fantastic,flowers everywhere ,such a Town to be proud of and to belong to,it was so lovely meeting you and thank you for the book,as always my HEART BELONGS TO LISTOWEL,

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