Photo: Róisín Darby


On the Banks of My Own Lovely Lee

Cork on Sunday June 21 2020

My visit involved a trip to The Bon Secours Hospital. This is the lovely chapel there.

I also called on my brother who was repairing a fence.

It’s always nice to visit my old home.

These two are good friends and were curious to see what was up. Visitors are rare these times.


From Minutes of the Board of Guardians 1986


Mr. M. O’Connell, said—Gentlemen—I have great pleasure in moving for your adoption a resolution which needs only to be mentioned to meet with your unanimous approval.

Listowel, and, indeed, North Kerry in general, has been sadly handicapped in the past for want of suitable grounds for the many branches of sport, and the resolution which I intend to propose, if passed by you, will probably have a determining influence in remedying a very undesirable state of affairs. I am sure that when it is forwarded to Lord Listowel and his agent that his lordship will be prepared to act as owners of the soil have acted in other portions of the country. With these few remarks, gentlemen, I beg to propose the following resolution:—
Resolved—”That we, the Guardians of the Listowel Union, hereby heartily approve of the efforts which are being made by the North Kerry Cycling Club to procure a Sports Field for the town, which shall be open to every branch of sport, and that our Clerk be requested to communicate with Lord Listowel and his agent, Mr. J. D. Crosbie, J.P, with a view to getting his lordship to accede to the application which will shortly be made to him for a suitable ground, and, that furthermore, we consider that such a ground would have a very beneficial effect on the trade of Listowel, which at present badly needs the stimulus.
Mr. M. O’Connor, in seconding the resolution, said that the ground would undoubtedly have a good effect on the trade of the town. He was certain that Lord Listowel would act generously in this matter.
The resolution was unanimously adopted.


New Business Opens

Grub Time is at Leahy’s Corner. Good to see this sign of hope amid all the economic gloom.


Yellow is the New White

Is yellow the official colour for Covid signs? Our new ones are yellow and don’t mention 2metres. Could it be a sign that we are reducing to 1 metre?

Apropos the pedestrian lay-bys, apparently that was a decision made by Council management under Emergency

“The area between the AIB and the Listowel Arms was identified as being a busy pedestrian area with a narrow footpath.”

Therefore this