Yesterday we had our Corpus Christi procession.

People made a huge effort and the town looked its best. Here are some of the window displays:

There was a big crowd processing.

Sr. Consolata played and the choir sang.

A very successful day. Well done all!

This is a very good video from Jer. Kennelly. He has half the town in it.

Here is my video of the final hymn:


Commiserations lads!

The country is gone football crazy. Half the young folk have gone to Poland to swell the green army and the other half are blowing paddyzalas in pubs up and down the country. They have a big screen in The Square in Tralee and in Ballincollig they have this in Mary O’s pub.

Meanwhile, Spain is getting away with a bailout with no strings attached. Why do I get the feeling Europe might be laughing at us?


If you haven’t yet seen the Thai children singing The Rocky Road to Poland, they are here,


You gotta have a laugh. This from will give a giggle to poor exhausted Leaving Cert. Maths students.