Photo: Chris Grayson


No Clowning Now

I came across this when I was looking for something else. I include it here just for the laugh.


The First Daffodil Day Committee

This year’s Daffodil Day fundraiser had to be cancelled  This is a photo of the first committee, some of them sadly no longer with us. In their honour and with the help of the present super committee we’ll do it all again as soon as the doors open.


Mike O’Donnell is telling the story  of Covid 19 in pictures

He captioned this one “The Catch”.

Mike is a genius. I hope when this is over he brings out a book of these…the first draft of history.


In Time of Loss

Irish people are traditionally the best at supporting friends and neighbours when they lose someone. It is one of the hardest parts of our Covid 19 deprivations that we cant show or see that traditional support.

John McGrath wrote this poem for a grieving friend.  It is particularly apt for these troubled times when we can’t be with our friends on their grief journey.

Dear Friend…

My heart is heavy with helplessness.

I would gladly take the weight from you,Share your loss. But you are there
And I am anywhere but there.

Yet even if I walked beside you

You would need to walk alone.

Losses are like fingerprints, each one different

As every breath we take, and each our own.

But know dear friend, if love can lighten

This burden you endure, if love can share

One tiny step with you, look to your heart,

Be sure you’ll find me there.

John McGrath October 2014


Food for Thought

The chances of the numbers 1 2 3 4 5 6 coming up in that order in the Lotto draw are the same as any other combination of numbers.  It’s a lottery.