One of the two in the bush photographed by Chris Grayson.


Listowel Men at a Doodle Rally

Paul Murphy, formerly of Church St., sent us this. We need help with the names.


Facelift for Chute’s Stores


Do You Remember Rug plan?

Kathleen McCarthy is brilliant at all crafts. She has the patience of a saint and she loves to learn a new skill. Recently she made this pure wool rug. Only those of you who have ever made a rug plan rug will appreciate the skill involved here.


Ballad for Star

Kieran Donaghy has retired from Kerry Football. I found this ballad online. Aplologies to the poet whose name wasn’t with the poem online.

He hailed from the kingdom of Kerry,

A Rocky who played for the Stacks,.

He lined out up front for his county,

And tormented the very best backs.

They pulled, they dragged and they tripped him,

But the ball it was already there,

For the star had very good vision,

To get the ball to the man with red hair.

Manys the day he did save us,

And pulled the win out of the fire,

But time has come for the big man,

To hang up his boots and retire,.

He speaks of O’Connors and Fitzgeralds,

And all of the Donaghy clan,

Well proud they are of this young boy,

Who grew into one talented man.

On behalf of the fans of the Kingdom,

Who came out with the green and the gold,

So sorry to bid you farewell,

But for years your stories be told.

Good luck in the chapter that awaits you,

You owe nothing to the jersey you wore,

But we all wish once more we could see it,

That pass to young Clifford’s score.

What do you think of that Joe Brolly?


John R.’s Race week window

Many local shopkeepers put in a great effort with their window display for Race week 2018. Here is Pierse Walsh’s Church Street window.