Duagh at Christmas

Duagh’s Live Crib

Duagh people are proud of their local writer, George Fitzmaurice and have commemorated him in  a mural in the carpark.

A Wall of philosophy and philosophers

In the crib building there were lots of local animals enjoying all the attention.


Facts Stranger than Fiction

Half the food produced in the world is left to rot.

A litre of milk in a supermarket can contain milk from a thousand different cows.

The average meat eating person consumes 8 cows, 36 sheep and 36 pigs in a lifetime.


Roadworks that May Impact You

KN WORKS: Cable installation works will continue on the Piermount Road and R551 (Tarbert Ballylongford Road) on Monday the 20th to Friday the 24th of January and will continue towards the Cross of the Woods. Residents in the area impacted by these works will be notified by the liaison officer. No road closures will be required for these works on the Piermount and R551 Roads. Minor work will take place on the Moyvane Tarmons Road from Monday the 20th to Friday the 24th under traffic lights or a stop and Go traffic management system. Shane  087/9829576.