Canon Declan shared some of his old FCA photos with us.

The quality of the pictures is not great but the memories are priceless.


This is Fr. Pat Moore P.P. Duagh and Mary Fagan, presenter of Horizons.

What are they doing on today’s blogpost?

On Friday last, Mary recorded a Horizons’ programme with me as the subject. Since chattering away is a forté of mine, it all felt very easy and enjoyable. Maybe it was down to Mary’s skill as an interviewer, but the time flew and I felt that we had just had a friendly chat.

 I’ll alert you to the broadcast date when Mary gives it to me and you can hear for yourselves.


Above is Listowel Town Square last week and below the same place in the 1940s. I have no idea who the people are but if you know, do let me know. They look to me like visitors posing with a local lady.


My daughter, Clíona, went to Berlin recently for a  holiday and she found this marvellous bar in which the customers were encouraged to play board games.

Here she is channelling her inner child with her friend, Philip, and a good old game of  Connect 4.

Seán takes on the winner. Notice behind them the shelves lined with every boardgame you could imagine. Would it catch on in Listowel I wonder?