This is John A. Murphy in St./ John’s prior to his lecture on Alfred O’Rahilly on Monday night. The night was a triumph for UCC. John A.’s lecture was excellent, informative, entertaining and humorous. A great crowd turned out to listen  and everyone left the better for the night out.


The town is getting a face lift for Writers Week.

Roly is painting John R.’s

The pop-up craft shop has popped up in Scully’s.

Art work is appearing in shop windows all over town.


Tomorrow is referendum day. I met these Fine Gaelers out canvassing  a yes vote on Saturday.

This shop is soon to relocate to where Hyper Fi IT used to be. Best of luck to Aiden in his new venture.

On route to the parish office on Friday last, I ran into my neighbor, Phil Deevey on her way to daily mass with her friend, Nan Brady.

Ger and I visited the parish archive. All our records are safely stored in a safe in the presbytery.

One day they will all be digitized but until then any researcher will have to painstakingly trawl through handwritten records.


An old one for you.

and another