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Remembering Paddy Fitzgibbon

Early Adoptors

(Pic and story from Facebook page Anyone from Ballyduff out there)

In the early days, Mr. and Mrs. Bridie and Liam Kearney embarked on their entrepreneurial journey, establishing their business in the quaint setting of Mrs. White’s old shop in Benmore. The very location that now houses Buds was once the hub where they offered an array of products, from new bicycles to battery-powered radios. On December 1, 1961, the Kearney’s achieved a significant milestone by receiving one of the first television signals in Kerry. Their innovative spirit also led them to introduce the first milking machines in the area and to install the pioneering oil-fired central heating systems in newly constructed houses. A captivating photo captures the moment when Liam and Bridie received the inaugural television picture in Kerry, marking a defining moment in the history of their business.

A Poem by John Fitzgerald

Death of a Legend

This photograph of the late Micheál ÓMuircheartaigh was posted by his nephew in 2018. In this snap Micheál is celebrating his 90th birthday by abseiling down Dún Síon.

Micheál was the ultimate professional commentator. His legendary witticisms and anecdotes were carefully crafted and memorised. He had a prodigious memory and capacity for instant recall.

He was a gentleman to his fingertips and loved by Kerrymen and Irishmen everywhere.

His will be the voice of commentary as Gaeilge forever.

Slán abhaile a Mhichíl

Go gcloise tú ceol binn na nAingeal go sioraí.

A Fact

This old man he played one
He played nick nack on my drum
With a nick nack paddy whack
Give a dog a bone
This old man came rolling home….

This rhyme is thought to have originated in the time of The Famine. Irishmen, fleeing the Famine, ended up on the streets of England begging for a living. These beggars were often badly treated. The rhyme suggests that even the dogs were thrown something but not the beggar who was given a “whack” and sent packing.