Every morning I check this very useful websitehttp://www.rip.ie/ 

It gives a short account of any deaths published in the day’s newspapers. In the 19th century people  had to wait for the weekly paper to see who of their neighbours was no longer with them. The following are a few obituaries Ger unearthed in The Kerry Sentinel.

  May 16, 1855 

at Bally-M’Elligott, county Kerry, Christopher CRONSBERRY, aged 102 years, and on the same day his wife, aged 105 years. They were married eighty years.


A man named Daniel CRONIN, a carpenter, whilst at work in Kilarney, on Saturday, and after joyously smoking a pipe with his fellow labourers, fell dead.


Yesterday was married, Michael DEE, butler to the Rev. Dr. MAUNSELL, aged twenty-two to the agreeable Widow CUSACK, aged seventy-five.


Suddenly, in Killarney, on Sunday the 4th instant, at the patriachal age of 90 years, Thomas HILLGROVE, Esq., formerly of City of Cork, and one of the oldest freemen of that City, but a resident of Killarney for upwards of half a century. In the year 1798, although theretofore indulging in a more than ordinary share of exercise daily in the open air, he resolved to sequester himself from “the busy haunts of men,” dreading the consequences that might result from the rebellion of that year, although Killarney then enjoyed perfect tranquility, but which he considered only as a “deceitful calm,” and so religiously did he adhere to his strange resolve, that since but twice has he oe’rstepped his threshold. He enjoyed an almost uninterrupted course of good health ever since, and up to the period of his dissolution, had all his faculties unimpaired.

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