R.I.P. Helios

“You are the sunshine of my life

That’s why I’ll always be around

You are the apple of my eye

Forever you’ll stay in my heart.”

This song could have been written by my Cork family for their lovely golden boy, Helios. With very heavy hearts, the Cork Cogans said good-bye to their gentle, noble family pet on February 8 2021.

Helios was the most obliging model and the most obedient dog I have ever looked after.

As a tribute to him I’m posting some of the many photos we took on his trips to Listowel.

Helios is fondly remembered and sorely missed.


The Small Square is full of Love in February 2021


Placenames and their meanings

Placenames meanings from Dan Keane’s Logainmneacha

Clieveragh: Cliabhrach; A framework of ribs. A cliabhrach is the wicker frame of a basket or a boat. In older times if there was a pot hole or soft spot in a passageway, people would place a cliabhrach over it and they would cover it with rushes.

(Maybe there is an idea here for today’s potholed roads of Listowel.

Clounmacon: Cluain Meacan. The meadow of the root or tuber. Meacan bán meaning white tuber is the Irish for parsnip. There is a field close to Dowd’s Road where parsnips were grown during the Famine. This field was known as Clounmacon

Clountubrid:The meadow of the well

Coolaclarig: The corner of the wooden bridge. The wooden bridge referred to spans the river Galey.

Coolagown: Cúl an Ghabhann, the corner of the smith, (probably a blacksmith.)


Famous Faces in Ring

In 1965, my late husband spent a year as a boarder in Coláiste na Rinne, in Ring near Dungarvan, Co. Waterford.

While he was there a group of musicians visited and entertained the students and teachers. Jim, without a clue as to who they were, took a photo of the occasion. That’s Liam Clancy beside Luke Kelly. Jim is not in the photo. No selfies in those days. I wonder do any other other youngsters remember the occasion.


Pres. Basketball Heyday

A group of jubilant Pres basketball supporters in the National Stadium in the 1990s