January Horsefair 2016

The first horsefair of the year took place on Market Street yesterday, January 7 2016. The weather was very cold and frosty.

Easy known there is an election in the offing. Michael Healy Rae was on hand to meet and greet.

He and his friends posed for me with some men who were selling and buying poultry.

The scene outside Spar

Nanny and Billy were sheltering in a van.

Michael Healy Rae networking.


Rough Justice in Limerick in 1914


A Great Flood Remembered

Irish Examiner 1841-1999, Saturday, 25 January, 1941; Page: 10


The most destructive flood in the Feale for a century was recalled by
the death of Mrs. Nano Stack, of Moynsha, Abbeyfeale, which took place
in her 90th year, after some weeks illness. About the middle of the
fifties of the last century. Mrs. Stack, when a child of about six
years old, was save  by her brother, the late Dl. O’Connor , Church
Street, Abbeyfeale, who took her in his arms, and climbing a wall of
their house at Islandanny, which the big Feale flood had isolated,
remained  so until the flood subsided. This flood, which occurred in
August, broke down the Feale Valley with tremendous depth and force,
and swept to their death eleven persons.


60 is the new 40

This lovely photo of Damien and Joan Stack of The Arcade in William Street was taken by Denis Carroll at a party in John B. Keane’s to celebrate a milestone birthday for Damien recently.

Denis’ photo shows stacks of Stacks who were helping Damien to celebrate. 

Go maire tú an céad agus bliain breise chun aithrí.

(May you live to be 100, with a year extra for repentance)


Santa in Listowel in the 1950s

People loved Noel Roche’s Santa photo. Nobody has yet positively identified the boy on the left. Liam Enright did however spot something very interesting in the photo. On the cap of the boy on the left there is a badge. liam told me that these badges were either sold or distributed in Scoil Realt na Maidine. He remembers having one himself. If you zoom in to the photo you will see a star for Realt na Maidine and the letters R na M. Liam thinks that there were no instructions where one should wear this school crest. Liam’s was sewn to the sleeve of his jacket.