Hunt in Kilbrin

photo by Thomas Healy


Bang, Bang

Photo from Irish Abroad

Do you remember the whiff of cordite? 

This was the smell of Christmas in the 1950s when every young boy got a cowboy outfit and a gun belt and holster from Santa. These rolls of caps were fed into a cap gun and when “shot” gave off a realistic crack and a distinctive smell.

Back in the days when “shooting” people was fun, this was the must- have toy for young boys.

 They are probably banned now as replica firearms.

 In 2015 images of young boys shooting people are all too real and not fun at all.


Christmas in Listowel

If you click on the link above you will get details about what’s happening in town this Christmas.

The above photos are from the Christmas in Listowel page. They show my newsagent, Joan Flavin, in her shop in Church Street. Flavins is an old fashioned shop, a shop with character. It is a newsagent’s, a book shop, a tobacconist, a stationery and everything in between shop.

If that counter could only talk……..


Leaf Taking

My weekend visitors swept up my leaves


Super Sunday

Sunday last was the big pre Christmas shopping day in town. Storm Clodagh did her best to spoil the fun but a good few brave souls came out and shops were doing a brisk business.

Town is looking great. Windows and lights are adding to the festive feel.


Dramatic Blaze on the motorway yesterday; November 30 2015

This horrific fire broke out near J11 of the M8 yesterday. T.J. Carroll took the picture and Cahir and Cashel Fire and Rescue brought the blaze under control. No one was injured Thank God.


Apropos yesterday’s photo from Patrick O’Shea, I started a bit of debate on Facebook about when exactly the station closed.  I took my information from this site

Disused Stations; Listowel

Like everything else on the internet, it’s not 100% reliable. Memories of the station  would be lovely to gather here.