July 4th commemorates the birth of the great nation that is The United States of America. Happy holidays to all our friends stateside.

Daniel Webster delivered one of the more famous Fourth of July orations

This anniversary animates and gladdens all American hearts. On other days of the year we may be party men, indulging in controversies more or less important to the public good. We may have likes and dislikes, and we may maintain our political differences….But today we are Americans all, and all, nothing but Americans.”

Still true today.


Another one gone: the Polish shop closed its doors this week.

Recently I took a stroll by the river. After all the recent rainfall the level of the river is very high.

I observed that the ball alley has been prepared for its facelift.

I went up onto the bridge. Its lovely now with the flowers and the new lights.


Some more nunsense: these from Paul Woods


and the final countdown from Tom F.



Jer Kennelly tells me that this could be a Listowel man.