Photo by Ita Hannon


Sleepless in Seattle

Seattle’s Best Coffee in Market Street has rebranded as Insomnia.


1994 Harvest Festival Brochure

Junior Griffin found this old brochure among his treasures.


Christie Hennessey

This is the Christie Hennessey memorial in Tralee. Plans are in train to put a voice element to these memorials. In time, visitors will be able to access a spoken biography of the singer at this spot.

The words of Christie’s greatest hit song, Roll Back the Clouds are printed in full  in the memorial. Wouldn’t it be great if the voice element included Christie singing his moving song?


Kerry Football, is it in the blood or in the DNA

All the way from San Diego came this missive on Monday.

Message from Richard Moriarty, from Lisselton-Ballydonoghue, now living in San Diego,California, USA:

I wrote a poem commemorating the “Five Games in a Row” (attached)

I hope you will share it with your bloggers.

Thank you for your consideration.

Richard Moriarty


I remember back when just a kid I’d climb on Grandad’s knee

And while I perched there 

With an eagle stare

He’d tell these tales to me

How in this land there’s a noble band of men who plan and dream

Who cannot be beat

Who will not retreat

And they’re called the Kerry Team

Like giants he said they forge ahead a wave of green and gold

Who in the history book

If you care to look

With passion there it’s told

As plain as day I can hear him say those boys are smooth as foam

They glide they swoop

They slide and scoop

To bring that trophy home

He’d call out each game each date and name until it was all done

And when he shed tears

For the losing years

I dried them one by one

Yes that was many years ago but some things are still the same

With my grandson Lee

There on my knee

Today we watched the game

And Grandpaw I knew you were here too but in case you didn’t know

In headlines bold

The tale was told

“Tis FIVEgames in a row

Richard Moriarty


San Diego, California