Working from Home

Not so easy when you have a new kitten. His name is Clint and he’s helping Clíona with her spreadsheets.


Dún Laoghaire

 Eamon ÓMurchú, was out and about with camera during the week and he took a few lovely photographs.


Local Fairs

(From the schools folklore collection)

The local fairs nowadays are held fortnightly in Abbeyfeale and Listowel. There area two big fairs in Abbeyfeale one on June the 29th and one on September the 24th.
The two big fairs in Listowel are May the 13th and the 24[?] of October.

How the bargain is made.
The buyer comes up to the seller and inquires what he wants for the animal. He asks at least two or three more than he expects and if he happened to get what he asked for he’d be terribly upset as he didn’t ask more. The buyer offers a few pounds less than the value and the bargaining goes on for a while, then a third party steps in and clinches it by getting each to split the difference.

The animals sold are marked with raddle or sometimes by clipping off some of the hair.

Luck penny

The seller gives a few shillings luck penny to the buyer and in case of a horse the halter is given to the buyer.

Old fairs
In olden times the fairs were held in Purt fair field convenient to Purt Castle and toll was collected there on all cattle to be sold.
Another fair used to be held in a big field near the village of Athea. These local fairs drew big crowds + apple carts and the like were greatly in evidence. It was a gala day for the Parish. The fairs were monthly.

Contributed by
Shelia Brosnan, Shronebeirne, Islandanny, Kilmorna, Duagh school.

( apple carts?)


2015 Listowel

Five years has made a big difference in the business life of our small town. These are just some more of the businesses that have been and gone.