Jennifer Musa, formerly Bridget Wren of Tarbert

Have you ever heard of this lady? I had never heard of her until Thursday last when I heard her story in St. Johns. Here it is for you in Kerry museum’s website:

Her story is so fascinating, I can’t believe that she has not been celebrated more widely in Ireland and particularly in North Kerry where she was born.

Here are the bones of her life from Wikipaedia.

Jennifer Musa (11 November 1917
– 13 January 2008) was an Irish-born
nurse, second wife of Qazi Musa, is often often nicknamed the “Queen of

Jennifer Musa was born Bridget Wren at
Tarmons, County Kerry
in 1917. She left Ireland to train as a nurse. In 1939 she met prominent
politician Qazi Musa, brother of Qazi Muhammad Essa, a
prominent activist in the Pakistan Movement while
studying at Oxford. Qazi
Musa was the eldest son of the Prime Minister of present day Kalat District. Jennifer
Musa took the name Jehan Zeba and married Qazi the following year.

After his sudden death in a car accident in
1956, Jennifer Musa decided to settle permanently in her husband’s home town of
Pishin. She joined
the National Awami
and was elected to Pakistan’s first Parliament in 1970. During
that time she often clashed with the Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.


had five children: four sons and one daughter. Her son Ashraf Jehangir
is a senior Pakistani diplomat.


I found the following photos on Terrace Talk website

Fitzgerald Stadium in the 1950s

The Kerry team 1968


Some more ads from 20 years ago

And from the same yearbook a few team photos

Ah! where have the years flown?


Listowel Community College is issuing a rallying call to all its past pupils. They want as many past pupils as possible to march with them in the St. Patrick’s Day parade. NKRO is also looking for volunteers for its float.


Lovely photo of the Tralee to Blennerville steam train on REA North’s website.


She is one of our own

It’s been confirmed that the Kingdom of Kerry has links to the future Queen of England.

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton is a descendant of the first Baron of Kerry, Thomas Fitzmaurice, who died around 1260.

Tourism Ireland unveiled the details at an event in the House of Commons in London.

Research carried out by genealogists shows that Kate Middleton has connections – through the Lupton family from Yorkshire – with the Fitzmaurices, a noble family from Kerry, who in turn had links back to Brian Ború, the first High King of Ireland.

CEO of Tourism Ireland, Niall Gibbons, says it’s great news in this, the year of the Gathering, and Irelands’ Family History Year.    (Radio Kerry)