Jig for Sandy

Some Australian dancers who will participate

Irish dancers all across Australia will dance for
ten minutes on Sunday 25 November, in support of fellow dancers in the US who
have been affected byHurricane Sandy.

There are around 5,000 dancers in Australia, and
dance schools all over the country are getting ready for the big event. 

There will be dances in every state at 12pm (EDT),
where they will jig together to the same music in what is surely the one the
biggest simultaneous Irish dancing events ever. 

Dancers, must contribute money to participate, with
all funds going directly to Irish dancers along the eastern coast of the US who
have been affected by the superstorm.

Vicki Lynagh, of the Lynagh
Irish Dancing
school in Queensland, spoke to WorldIrish about their
planned event. She mentioned the floods which devastated Queensland in January
2011, and how they empathise with those in the US:

We as Queenslanders are more than happy to help our
Irish dancing friends in the US … We know what natural disasters can do
to families.

They are planning to hold their dance in the local
shopping centre, with it taking place at 11am local time. 

Vicki is one of 150 Irish dancing teachers across
the country who is putting in a tremendous effort in organising
this heart-warming event.


Mr. Fitzgerald’s class


What do these ladies have in common?

Last Friday night they were in Listowel Community Centre boxing the daylights out of one another. No, they are not planning to challenge Katie Taylor any time soon. It was all good fun and all for charity.

And the winner is……
In the blue corner…..


Remember the ESB were digging up the road outside the church?
Mystery solved; They are putting in charging points for electric cars.