1916 commemorative garden in Childers Park in February 2024

From Pres. Secondary School Yearbook 1988

The story of Kilmorna House

A Poem

Turf Cutting

Talk of turf cutting prompted an email and a grainy old image;

Hi Mary,
Thanks for Listowel Connection ,

I really remember now from reading Jerry Twomey explaining.

 So below is a photo from 8mm film  taken from my brother Thomas back then.

Tullamore Bog Photo: is not great in focus.

I am cutting,my father is spreading to Jay ,that he spreading sods further.
It also reminds my age ,when we only wore short pants .
“John-Anthony Hegarty,Thomas Christopher Hegarty ,James Joseph Hegarty “ was taken from Tullamore bog road by Thomas Hegarty.
John-Anthony Hegarty.

A Fact

In 1886 The Times of London published the the world’s first classified advertisement.