Molly at the Tim Kennelly Roundabout, June 26 2023


Kiskeam, Co. Cork

Kiskeam is a lovely rural North Cork village. It has, in the last few years, taken to preserving its heritage in murals and other initiatives aimed at connecting its diaspora at home and abroad with their roots.

Kiskeam suffered during the Famine and its population was further decimated by emigration in times of tough unemployment since. Kiskeam people are lovely and they have done every thing they can to welcome home the huge population worldwide with roots in this corner of the diocese of Kerry.

My friend, Phil, met this lovely man, Dan Lane who remembered her parents and was very knowledgeable about the village and knew the location of many graves .

Barr na Sráide is one visitor initiative.

Opposite the graveyard in Kiskeam is an old lane where once local tradesmen plied their trades.

Nowadays on one side are lovely new homes and on the other side murals commemorate the many trades that once kept the village folk alive. A way of life now faded from memory is commemorated for today’s children.


Summer Maintenance

The fine weather is ideal for painting and decorating our shopfronts. Martin Chute is working on The Harp and Lion.

The Pat McAuliffe plasterwork has stood the test of time and is now ready for Martin’s skilled paintwork.

I disturbed Martin to ask him to pose with Jed Chute who happened to be passing by. Two lovely Listowel men.


A Last Few Dollies

Who better than Danny to reproduce a good Dolly look?

The Colorado branch of the Groarke family called in to be part of Dolly Day.

Dolly Day was a very inclusive event bringing babies, pensioners and everyone in between together for 2 great charities.

Boasting impressive frontage were Eithne, Barry and Brenda O’Halloran

These three went creative with the costumes even if some of the attire was a tad unseasonal.


Meanwhile in Sunday’s Well

I’m dead proud of my Anne who, with her partner Kevin, won the mixed doubles in Sunday’s Well recently