Ross Castle photo; Eamon ÓMurchú


Mrs. O’Connor and Knockanure Girls in 1950’s


Jowika Girls German Trip



New York NY Irish American Advocate

Sept 1 1962

SEVEN  North   Kerry  ladies  are  due   in   Solingen,   Germany,  this  week-end   to   begin   training   for   work   in  Listowel’s   new  cutlery  factory.  The  young  ladies  left  Listowel  on  Wednesday  morning   and  the  over-land   trip   to    Solingen —the Sheffield    of   Germany—was   expected  to  take  three  day.  The senior  girl  in  the  party  was  Miss  Betty  Clancy,   of   St.  Brendan’s  Terrace,  Listowel,   and  the  others  were  Jean  Nolan  and  Joan  Reidy,  O’Connell’s   Avenue,   Listowel;  Teresa   O’Connor,   Behins,   Kathleen Flanagan,  Ballyduff;  Betty Leahy,  Harthill,  and  Sheila  Browne,  Ballyhorgan.  Another  party   of   five   girls  is  due  to  leave  for  Germany  at  the  end  of  this  month.  The Jowika  factory  began  production   some   months   ago  when  thirty-five  boys   had  completed  a  term   of   training   in   the   parent   factory  in  Solingen.  The    managing    director,    Mr.    Henrich    Weber,     told     The     Kerryman  he expected  that   the   Listowel     factory     would    have about  150  workers  on  the  payroll in eighteen  months  time.  At  the  moment  there  were   about  120.  The Listowel  factory  is  turning  out    pen,    pocket     and    kitchen    knives   and   is  about   to   go   into   the  production   of   manicure  sets, precision  tools and  other  branches  of  cutlery.   The   finished   product is exported   to   British  Commonwealth  countries  and  the  U.S.A———————–

Photo; The  Listowel  girls  who  left  this  week  for  training  in  Solingen,  Germany.  From  left:  Misses  Betty  Clancy,  Jean  Nolan,  Joan. Reidy, Teresa  O’Connor,   Kathleen Flanagan, Betty  Leahy    and   Sheila    Browne.  They  were seen off   by  the  managing  director  of  Jowika  (Ireland)  Ltd.,  Mr.  H.  Weber, and  Senator  D.  J.  Moloney.


A Post Lockdown Wedding

The first wedding in The Listowel Arms after its long lockdown was a joyful affair.  Aoife MacMahon and Shane Creamer were married in St. Mary’s and had their post wedding celebrations in The Arms. There was much song and laughter enjoyed by their young and not so young guests.

Listowel Arms posted some lovely photos.

The wedding party on the steps of Listowel Castle, cradled in the arm of Aoife’s illustrious grandfather, Bryan MacMahon. Lovely photograph!

Parents of  the bride, Judy and Owen MacMahon in The Listowel Arms


Still Picnicking