Listowel Racecourse bridge


Tireless Volunteers

While you were enjoying the sun and I was out walking my doggy visitor, P.J., Joan, Joan, Joan and Bridie were rolling up their sleeves and cleaning St. Mary’s church.

This group is just one of the many cohorts of volunteers who help look after our church.


Our Community Fruit and Nut Garden

Our apples are ripening up nicely.

We won’t be eating these but the horse chestnuts are ripening into conkers. At the risk of causing a run on them, I’ll share a tip I have been given. Horse chestnuts are thought to repel moths. I have no idea if it works.


The Times they are a Changin’

The Irish post image evokes feelings of nostalgia for an Ireland long gone.

Sometimes when one emigrates and sees Ireland in the rearview mirror it doesn’t look all that bad. Then the emigrant comes home and is reminded of how bad it was.

Stephen Twohig wrote this poem on a return visit to the farmyard home of his ancestors.

Farmyards.      (1997)

Black plastic covering

fermenting  fodder

The pot pourries of Eire

mixed with fuchsia

farm fumes and woodbine.

Discarded tyres

lying worn

catching rings

of time rusted water.

These the scattered 

daily cycles

Holding down

the year to come.


On the back of a ditch

a rusting wheel,

black jalopy of a bike

with a little dynamo

that once flickered a faint light

on some dark passages.

Broken glass

blue delph from a table

things thrown out long ago.

Eyeless car

dismantled mower

left one time not knowing

it would be your last.

Each haggard a wealth of history 

thrown out as leaves from

the back door.

Look behind your own and leaf

through the pages

piece together the future

of what was left behind.


Local Hero

Message from Ballydonogue GAA

Jason Foley & Sam Maguire and some of the Kerry team will be coming to visit Coolard clubhouse next Monday 8th August at 8pm. Everyone Welcome Ballydonoghue GAAKerry GAA💚


Life Savers

Ballybunion Sea and Cliff Rescue Photo; Jaxon ODoherty

These men and women are constantly at the ready to keep us safe on the water and on the cliffs.