Hello Listowel

The town is looking lovely these days. There are flowers everywhere. I’m sure the international judges  for Communities in Bloom are loving us.


Tidy Town Seat

 The Tidy Town Committee is constantly reinvesting in the town. This seat is a very welcome addition to Listowel’s street furniture.


Those Winter Sundays by Robert Hayden

This is a lovely poem of tribute to all hard working unappreciated fathers


School extension

With both the covent secondary and St. Michael’s extending I thought you might like to see how extensions were reported in 1884.

Sentinel, Tuesday, May 27, 1884

LISTOWEL CONVENT SCHOOL. The good nuns of the Listowel Convent, no longer
having sufficient School accommodation for the female youth of this Parish
determined some time since, to make an addition to the existing School
buildings. With this object in view, the sisters under the direction of the
zealous Mother Austin, set to work about twelve months ago, and now a beautiful
house, which will be ample for its intended object, is in rapid course of
erection. The date of the Bazaar, which it was intended to be held on the 19th
and 20th August, to help to clear the debt, has been  changed to the 29th and 30th .July next.


Any Help with Names here would be appreciated

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