Cork street photography during Covid by John Tangney



Mangan’s Then and Now


River Walk Remembered

By John Fitzgerald

From Back the Bank at Latchford’s Mill

To pass the trout filled waters still

Above the cliff the market deals

Where farmers grip and purchase seal

See how Tae Lane can pierce the flow

A spear into its middle goes

An ugly wound to spread the bile

Murk the bank on the Island side

See the footbridge taking shape

Through  buttresses the waters break

Below the castle’s long shadow

A fearsome hold of years ago

Memory takes the journey back

To wriggling pools where eel fry pack

Where every fistful feels alive

In some electric pulse to thrive

To silver pools where with curved hands

To cage white trout between our palms

Beneath that bridge break waters flow

Salmon circle in wait to go

Past Poilin deep a place to swim

To Corporals a race to win

Along green banks in shine or rain

Where children once played children’s games

Among the tree lined banks to walk

Hear silence now where once was talk

To mix memory and desire

And see the Big Bridge come alive

Giant centipede on stone cut feet

Arching ‘til the keystones meet

Along the river to feel free

Be happy as happy can be

Between the banks, along the flow

The teaming waters, the silver glow.

John Fitzgerald


When Money was Money

Do you remember £sd? Our pre decimal currency was made up of pounds, shillings and pence There were 12 pence in a shilling and 20 shillings in a pound. Our children dont know how lucky they are. Computing with decimal coins is so much easier. God be with the bad old days.