St. Patrick’s Day, William Street


Vehicles in the Parade


Some Listowel People in Far Flung Places for the Saint’s Day


Another Ballybunion Puzzle

This lovely little spot by the playground used to have tables and benches for the children placed there by Ballybunion Tidy Towns.


People at the Listowel Parade


A Poem from Anne Mulcahy

The River

For Hannah, my Friend

My friend is a Traveller and I am a Country-Buffer  –

 she has left an imprint on me like a fossil, 

zig zag incisions that mould the hardest rock,

 planting themselves – living forever.

The delicate sprig of friendship has blossomed 

became a mountain with flowing spring waters.

The shared moments caught for us a time of no divide,

a silver net catching the Salmon Boyne- 

– like a sparkling clear river – our friendship swelled

 – each flow equal to the next –

 our laughter shattered the thin vail that hovers –

between prejudice and unity – 

between the –  I’ll accept you –  on my terms, fallacy 

 Prejudice acts as a lever to elevate our inferior selves

 to heights of dizzy disillusion –

Society feeding the layered segmentation segregation – 

like ladders – steps of insanity to clouds of fanaticism –

no one wants the bottom rung! 

Instead we cling foolishly to the middle ground,  

shouting –I’m good today –  I’m better than you!.

Refusing to be fossils in Rivers of friendship.