Raised bed on Market Street in August 2023


Our New Public Convenience

Our new public toilet is less conspicuous than the old one and less costly. It is also more user friendly. It is in the same location as the old one.


Jet OCarroll’s of William St. or Pearse Street

This popular bar is located at 32 William Street.

Or Uimhir 32, Sráid an Phiarsaigh. It is one of the quirks of Listowel that the street names in English hark back to times before independence. The same streets have Irish names that honour the signatories of the declaration of Independence.


A Poem for late August 2023

Leaving (July 1st, 1966)

by John McGrath

Seventeen, no fear, no hesitation

A young boy smiles and wipes away his tears

July morning, Ballyhaunis station

His mother cries and curses emigration

That takes away her boy of tender years

Seventeen, no fear, no hesitation

Young mind filled with hope and expectation

The rhythm of the rails is all he hears

July morning, Ballyhaunis Station

Boarding school a feeble preparation

For Sixties’ Manchester, a web of snares

Seventeen, no fear, no hesitation

Climbs on board his future with elation

Anticipation ringing in his ears

July morning, Ballyhaunis Station

His farewell kiss a meagre consolation

She turns away as through the glass he peers  

Seventeen, no fear, no hesitation

July morning, Ballyhaunis station


An August Visitor

Carine loves Ballybunion.

She was impressed by this litter picking initiative.


Can you help a Listowel Emigrant?

I would love to get a copy of A Gift of Ink. I vividly remember listening to Eamon Keane’s magical voice the night it first broadcast. I am a neurologist in Newport Beach California but born and raised in Cahirdown, a mile outside the town. My 14 brothers and sisters lived in the Soldiers Cottages ,a gift of the British government to its WW1 veterans. My brother Louis was in love with his town and was immersed in every aspect of Listowel life. He died too soon but he died in the place closest to his heart.

I wait for your blog every week. It makes me feel connected to the past and to family. Please let me know how to access or purchase A Gift of Ink. I will be very grateful
Dr Philip O’Carroll

(A Gift of Ink is no longer available to buy but maybe someone who has a vinyl copy could copy it to cd for Philip.)


A Fact

Bedouin feasts, celebrating weddings or other significant life events may include roast camel.

Whole roast camel is a delicacy in Dubai restaurants. A good sized camel can feed 80 to 100 people.

Whole camel stuffed with a sheep’s carcass, which is stuffed with chickens, which are stuffed with fish which are stuffed with eggs is not a thing.

This is a myth.