Retirement presentation to Miss Bríd Walsh in 1972.

This photo was prompted a few emails. I am going to share this lovely message from one of Bríd’s grateful past pupils, Elizabeth Brosnan.

The teacher was Bridgie Walsh who lived in Courthouse Road in Listowel. She taught me from Junior Infants to Second Class. 

There is only one of the people in that picture alive now and he is in his mid eighties. I think the parents in the picture were in the then Board of Management. They are as follows from left to right: Michael (Mikey) Kennelly, Coolaclarig, (grandfather of Tadhg and father of Timmy etc.) (Rip), Gerald Mulvihill, Shronowen (Rip), Fr. Michael Stack, Ballydonoghue (Rip), Miss Bridgie Walsh (on occasion of her retirement) (Rip), Thomas Flaherty, Coill, (alive and well) & Jeremiah O’Carroll,Tullamore (Rip).

 I cannot remember what year Miss Walsh retired, but I will find out. She lived well into old age, and spent her final days in the Kennedy Nursing Home.  She wrote me a lovely note every Christmas, as I always sent her a Christmas card. She was a very nice teacher. 

One of my classmates was buried today, following a car accident and we were reminiscing on our Tullamore school days (the awful days in particular), then I came home and saw your e mail. How fitting!


Another old one

This group of girls attended the convent primary school sometime in the 1950s. Bernie Carmody who gave me the photo is not so great on names and dates . This is the best she could do but maybe someone else will fill in a few more.

Back: Patricia Tatten, ,Carmody, .    , Kathleen Rohan, ..     ,.Flavin

Front: Marie O’Sullivan,, Ann McGrath,. Carmody, Geraldine Trant,..   ,..


This is Charles St. last week. Every street in town is being dug up to install water meters.


St. Patrick’s Day is fast approaching and the crafters in Craftshop na Méar are getting ready. 

If you are in town you should drop in and pick up something green for the national holiday.