Handsome Couples at The Races

And the winners were local couple Anthony McCarthy and Sharon Heffernan.

This handsome pair were the judges.


More Local People Enjoying Ladies Day


Ladies Day at The Races is the new Easter Sunday

“In my Easter bonnet with all the frills upon it,

I’ll be the grandest lady in the Easter parade.

I will be in clover, when they look me over……”

So sang Judy Garland. The sentiments in the ditty were echoed on Listowel racecourse on Friday last as hats which were everything from the demure to the brash were paraded for the appraisal of the judges and the amusement or awe of racegoers.

(In some cases I’ve included the outfit so you can get the full picture.)

 Maura Derrane sported a very snazzy pillbox.

This one won. I think the category was the daftest or the jazziest or something.


Harvest Knots at The Ploughing

You know the way you don’t think about a thing for years. It pops into your mind. You mention it in a blogpost and suddenly it’s everywhere.

My above photo was posted by the Dept of Arts Heritage and The Gaeltacht. It was taken in their stand at The National Ploughing Championships 2016.

At the National Library stand they were helping children to make them.