Do you remember with old film cameras we took 12, 24 or if we were lucky 36 photos over a period of time? We removed the roll of film from the camera and we took or sent it to Spectra and we waited 48 hours to see the finished result. There was the eager anticipation of wondering what the photos would turn out like and the frequent disappointment when they were overexposed, had heads cut off or were otherwise ruined.

Nowadays you take a photo and the subject is straight round to take a look and accept or veto the finished result. There are cameras which have a screen at the front so that the subject can see how he looks before you click the shutter. There is a new camera, the Lytro which allows you to edit and enhance photos in the camera. We used to say “The camera never lies.” Well it does now!

This preamble is by way of introduction to today’s photos. They are James Kenny’s photos from the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. They are a bit late for today’s audience so used to instant gratification but they are worth sharing nonetheless.

BTW this camera will soon be available in Ikea. It’s made of cardboard, takes 40 photos to an internal memory, runs on 2 AA batteries, and has usb connectivity. And it will be cheap as chips. It was only a matter of time……



Louis le Brocquy R.I.P.

I first heard of Louis le Brocquy, who died yesterday aged 95, in Listowel Writers’ Week. Mairead Pierse was in charge of art in the 70’s and she had a great eye for talent.  She was responsible for bringing many artists to us. Some of these, like Louis le Brocquy went on to greater things.


Take a look at the promotional video for the May weekend. It’s really good.