On the Top of Mount Brandon

Faha Ridge

Our intrepid photographer is Catherine Moylan who braved the elements to climb Mount Brandon two weeks ago. I think you’ll agree she got some great photographs.


Oh The Joys of Reading


Fishing from the beach in Ballybunion is popular. Bridget O’Connor took the photo.


Good drying

Photo: Facebook

Do you remember when everyone had a long washing line and it always sagged in the middle? A housewife’s Monday was made is there was ‘good drying’.


Signs on Courthouse Road


In Search of an Evacuee

These photographs were taken in Ballybunion one day in 1945. The little boy and the little girl had just made their First Holy Communion.

He is Hurst Hess, a German boy evacuated to Ireland during WW2. He stayed with the family of the little girl’s cousins. She is Eily Mai Kissane.

The first  old photographs was discovered by Bridget O’Connor as she was trawling through boxes of old photographs to give to the family historian, Eily Walsh who is compiling another photographic exhibition of the Kissanes of Kilcox, Lisselton. Eily had the photograph of her aunt, Eily Mai.

The photographs were taken in Beazley’s in Ballybunion.

Eily is now busily trying to track down Hurst or his descendants. The Kissane family were very fond of him and missed him when he returned home to Germany. But they never heard of him again.

Eily would love to share this part of their family history with Hurst’s German family.

German boys were also evacuated to Listowel and surrounding areas. I wonder does anyone remember any of these. Wouldn’t it be nice to bring them all back to the place that was their home for over 2 years during a very troubled time own their country’s history.