Guess who has set us all a quiz to test our knowledge of Listowel?

Since the quizmaster believes me to be too knowledgeable on the subject, I am debarred from taking part. So off you all go and delve into the annals and the brainboxes of local denizens and see if you can come up with some answers. last time this quiz ran we had a great time solving the riddles. Hopefully this time round it will be just as enjoyable. May the best man win!

Question time,

To keep the readers on their toes, and their minds sharp, I have decided to set a few questions with a Listowel flavour.

(1) What family occupied the Central Hotel before the Galvin’s?

(2) Where could you see “a local Squire being entertained in Listowel ©1842 “?

(3) There were two hotels in Listowel, known as Commercial, where were they?

      (not the Listowel Arms)

(4) There was also a commercial club, where? Who was the secretary?

(5) James Butler was a watch and clock repairer, where did he live?

(5) Where did the Young Ireland Society have their meetings?

(6) Where was Listowel’s last Private Hotel?

(7) Two of Listowel Pharmacies and part of another one originally had something in

      common, nothing to do with dispensing medicine, what were they?

(8) Listowel residents, John McCrystall, George Rice and Gabriel Thorpe had           

      something in common, what?

(9) Listowel’s Royal Hotel was owned by whom?

(10) If I was to meet you for a drink in Listowel’s, Hotel Brendan, who’s home would

        we have been in?

Answers to by twelve midnight on Friday 21ST October.