This blog is a personal take on Listowel, Co. Kerry. I am writing for anyone anywhere with a Listowel connection but especially for sons and daughters of Listowel who find themselves far from home. Contact me at

My, My, My July

Lisselton grotto in July 2023…Photo; David Kissane


A Family Souvenir

Eleanor Belcher sent us this story;

“As you probably know Eamon Kelly was a wood work teacher at the Listowel tech before he went on to his  famous  role of seanachai  and actor. My father was setting up as a GP and Eamon made his doctor’s   plate.

Over 20 years ago I came over to Listowel and found that a funeral of an O’Sullivan had occurred  ( Eamon’s wife was an O’Sullivan of Upper William Street) .  I saw Eamon in the Listowel Arms and told him about Dad’s plate. He said that he had just passed what had been our house and that it was missing. I told him I had it and he told me in his sonorous Kerry accent that ‘it was a fine bit of mahongany wood! ‘. “


A Poem

Lorraine Carey shared this on Facebook


Writers’ Week 1974

Wolfgang and Anita Mertens in Listowel in May 2023

Wolfgang and Anita first visited Listowel in 1974 for a Writers’ Week short story writing workshop directed by Bryan MacMahon.

Wolfgang kept a folder of memorabilia from that visit. He promised to share it with us when he got back home. Here is the first look at his stuff.


A Request for Help

My family is going to visit Listowel in August. We’re visiting Ireland for the first time to see where my husband’s dad was born out on the farm and visit the area where he lived until he was about 35. 

A cousin told us Jeremiah Walsh has the farm and his daughter is Helen Nolan. My husband’s father was also a Jeremiah Walsh. 

Would you know Helen (Walsh) Nolan?  

Thanks so much

Sue Walsh  



Holidays 2023


Fuchsia Centre

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  1. Mary, thanks for sharing the Mertens’ 1974 LWW programme. I hope those responsible for the 2024 LWW programme will note the presence of the ‘Young writers’ workshops’ and ‘Recent writing in Irish’.
    Glancing through the 1974 programme triggers memories of a time when the invited luminaries could be seen traversing the streets of the town and not corralled in one corner of the square.

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