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The mystery of Grigero solved by our trusty sleuth

Just in from Vincent…   

                                                                                                  In response to a comment from John and Noreen I have been on the detection trail. The person whom I think John remembered was indeed living in that locality. His name was Timothy McMahon and he  was know locally as Grigero. He was married to a Carmody woman from Knockanure and had at least two sons, one of whom was reputed to have a fine tenor voice. Grigero was a very fine fiddle player and used to play at wren dances, wakes or weddings.

They lived in a small house on the Kerry side of the Kerry/Limerick border on the Athea road. He is reputed to have learned his music from a neighbour, a man called Mick Taylor, who was a gifted musician but cursed with a longing for the drink, especially when he did not have to pay for it.

It was reported that Mick Taylor had died and the following occurred.

Batt. Fitzgerald, a publican of the lovely village of Athea, was on his daily walk when he met with a man, known as the The Poet Enright from Knocknaboul, coming on his ass and car to do his shopping. Enright was similar to Paddy Drury for delivery of instant verse.

Fitzgerald said to Enright,

“Poor ould Taylor is dead”

and back came Enright’s reply.

“He is dead but not forgotten

Never shall his memory fade

Bitter memories will always linger

Around the pubs he never paid”


Something old, something new


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