St. John’s in Listowel Town Square


Treasures in The National Museum

When I was in Dublin recently I called in to see some of the lovely gold treasures that have been unearthed over the years. The last cross here is one of the most beautiful. It is from Ballylongford.


Christmas Robins

Photo: Chris Grayson

from Patrick O’Sullivan’s A Year in Kerry


Island Farming

Recently Seán Mac an tSíthigh posted these photos on Twitter. He took them on a day that island farmers were moving their sheep to the mainland.


Ireland’s Fittest Family 2018

The Pierse family from Listowel had a good run in this year’s competition under coach Davy Fitzgerald.    Riobard gave us a peep behind the scenes in The Advertiser.

Up to 200 families applied to be on the show. Forty of these were fitness tested and interviewed. If any of the family have a criminal record, they’re out.

Having passed the fitness test and the interview the Pierse family had to be medically certified fit to participate by their own doctor. The doctor had to proclaim them medically able for a variety of sports including sky diving.

All these hurdles scaled, they signed a lengthy contract.

Health and Safety measures were taken very seriously throughout the filming of the programme. Every activity was preceeded by a health and safety briefing. There was a doctor and a safety officer on hand at all times.

The Pierse family enjoyed their stint on the show and we were all delighted to have a family to follow. Well done “The Pierses”.


Another Concert for You


The Kerryman 2008

You’ll have to enlarge it to make any sense of it.